Two-stroke/Blue smoke: a 2-cycle love affair

27 Sep

Two-stroke extravaganze motorcycles scooters

I’d happily asphyxiate in a cloud of 2-stroke smoke. Locked in the garage, that sweet oily haze drifting around me, the rink-a-dink-ding-dink rattling in my head. Soft sleep calling me down. Nothing.

At least that’s how it happens in my head. Surely, it’s a horrible, choking affair that leaves a blue, wretched corpse. But the distinctive stink of a 2-stroke is intoxicating and not just to these twisted nostrils. Legions of other have a similar sickness. I know. They were all at the 16th annual Two Stroke Extravaganza on Sunday, Sept. 23. Organized by the Socal 2-Strokers, the event is billed as the largest gathering of 2-stroke machines in America. Scooters. Dirtbikes. Race bikes. Street bikes. ATVs. Karts. You name it. All were on hand for the event.

And it’s not just the scent that draws them — obviously. There’s also the power and simplicity of these wonderful internal combustion engines that hold a special spot in the history of motorcycling. Oh, and there’s that sound too. Here’s a smattering of painfully artsty images and a couple of kick-ass videos capturing that jangly-sharp ping-a-rang-tang we all know and love. Like this Suzuki RG500 Walter Wolf edition.


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