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Leatt’s Full Disclosure: Co. gives media behind-the-scenes scoop

19 Mar


Turns out there is a whole mess of misinformation out there about Leatt’s flagship neck brace. Knowing this, the company hosted what Leatt GM and lead marketing man, Phil Davy, called the company’s “full disclosure” tour of its HQ in South Africa. Here’s a story I did for Leatt’s blog and newsletter about the tour that saw eight magazine editors from around the world, representing several different publications, get a behind-the-scenes look at the R&D Leatt puts into its products.

It was a pretty fascinating insight into how Leatt does business, but I don’t suppose it helps to have me tell you this. Read the story and find out for yourself. Apologies for any typos/grammatical errors — I don’t get to give it any final edits before its published.


Tara Llanes is a kick-ass athlete and human being

19 Dec

Tara Llanes rules. Leatt Brace

I had the good fortune of interviewing downhill MTB legend Tara Llanes for the Leatt newsletter and blog. What an amazing freaking story and a really neat person. A little background on Llanes: In 2007 she was paralyzed from the waist down in a horrible MTB accident. She’s since gone on to work to raise money for spinal cord injury research and is the name behind the annual Tara Llanes Classic. She was extremely gracious the dozen or so times I pestered interviewed her for the story. Glad to be able to tell it.

Have a read. This was one of those stories that makes me very happy with my chosen profession.

Downhill MTB champ Danny Hart can’t sit down …

25 Sep

Leatt rider Danny Hart kills it with a massive downhill bomb… For reasons that are abundantly clear when you see the video in this post.

File this under What I Do. It’s a short bit I did on downhill mountainbike champion Danny Hart for Leatt’s newsletter and blog. I interviewed Mr. Hart at least three times over a very bad phone connection. He in his native Redcar in the northeast of England, me here in sunny Southern California. It didn’t go well and took three different conversations because I couldn’t quite catch what Danny was saying in any of my recorded interviews. Chalk it up to scratchy mobile connections and a dastardly dialectical disconnect.

Thank goodness for this video. It provided a framework around which I could wrap my words. It seemed to work I think. I mean, how can you go wrong when you include this quote anywhere in your copy: “How does Danny Hart sit down with balls that big?” View the viddy and check out the Leatt post in its entirety: Danny Hart: Look at that whip.

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